About us

Blue Wave Printing & Display is located in Manchester, Connecticut. It has been a family run business since 1992, started by Scott and Elaine Hagelin. Blue Wave Printing has gone through a variety of changes adding larger and larger printing capabiliites. They now specialize in large fabric displays for trade shows as well as event signs. When you order from one of the Blue Wave Printing and Display websites you will be assigned a customer representative to help you through the process of ordering. The representative will make sure your file is print-ready and if any changes need to be made, they can be made before the graphic is printed. The main website, www.bluewaveprinting.com has a catalog of products that anyone can order. While the website grew, so did the complication of keeping products in order. In 2009 www.bigcheckstore.com was born to launch a product line of big novetly checks that people use in donation pictures. The big check product could then be organized on it's own website making easier for customers to navigate and find the product they where looking for. In 2010, www.bannerstandshowroom.com was developed to cater to the growing banner stand market. This website has easy navigation of banner stands by size. In 2014 the next website, www.bigfabricdisplays.com was developed to showcase the growing product line of oversized fabric displays, including wall mounted displays, ceiling displays, and hanging fabric.