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Big Fabric Displays' owners, and husband and wife duo Scott and Elaine Hagelin began in 1991 with a digital printing company called Show & Tell Inc. The company started with an ad in a national magazine selling personalized calendars and evolved into a booming business of creating placemats, apparel, mugs, and other gift items using families' photos sent from all around the country.

From there they transformed into printing for businesses with items such as full color flyers, brochures, and business cards. When personalized printed gift items became more mainstream, they decided to move the business in the direction of large format printing by offering banners, signs, table throws, and backdrops, and rebranded as Blue Wave Printing & Display Inc. with a focus in trade show and event printing. 

Through the years Blue Wave has moved four times, each time increasing their square footage, equipment and employees. Their son Eric joined the business after college and has been a key factor in helping the company's web presence drastically grow, and daughter Kristina also joined to assist in the accounting department and both keep the close-knit family business feel present.

Blue Wave has evolved into including four online substores: Big Check Store, Banner Stand Showroom, Print Goals, and Big Fabric Displays that specialze in specific products from the main Blue Wave Printing site, and each bring in customers ordering night and day from all over the country and internationally.

Blue Wave Printing has every intention to continue to grow and evolve with new technology while meeting customers' needs.


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At Blue Wave Printing, we strive to be as ecofriendly as possible. In 2019 we made an investment to move ourselves in a more sustainable direction by installing a 96-kilowatt solar panel system. This solar panel system will produce enough electricity to power 90% of our company, drastically reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. Over the lifetime of the panels (20 years), we are expecting to save over 5 million pounds of carbon dioxide from being released. We chose to invest in solar panels as our form of renewable energy because we believe in doing our part to protect the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.