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 File Type:

PDF and EPS are the most common file type and most accepted. If you have the option, Publish to PDF at Acrobat 4 instead of the latest version of Acrobat.

File Size:

We recommend sending us the exact file size that you want to print. Remember that proportions go by percentage not by inches.


The higher the better, especially if you are enlarging your designs. Try for anything 150x150 dpi up to 300x300 dpi at exact size.




For most products we will not require a bleed, but on some products, such as business cards, we will need an 1/8" bleed all the way around.

Convert text to curves is an important step because we may not have the font that you were working with.

Flatten the image to make sure no elements move around.


Trouble Shooting:

If you are having trouble uploading through this file upload program, then try a few of these tricks:

1: Refresh your browser

2: Make sure fields are filled in: E-mail and Comments are both required to send in a file

3: Reduce file size

4: Zip your file and upload folder

5: Call us 800 319-8184