Blue Wave Printing & Display Inc. own and operate 


We will explain what we do with the following information:

Your e-mail

  • We utilize your e-mail to send a confirmation from our website to show that the order has been placed. 
  • We also send you other various e-mails during the order process to ensure quality levels and timelines are met.
  • We send an automated e-mail from with your tracking number.
  • We also reserve the right to e-mail you about updates within the company until you decide to "unsubscribe" from any further updates from our company. 

Your Phone Number

  • In case an important e-mail is missed, we will utilize your phone number to get ahold of your for urgent questions regarding your order. 
  • During shipping, the shipping company may utilize the shipper's phone number if a problem arises. 

Your Addresses

  • Billing address is verified through PayPal Braintree for payment
  • Shipping address is verified through Shipstation and sent to Fedex for shipping

Credit Cards

  • processes credit cards onsite through PayPal Braintree to provide payment to Blue Wave Printing & Display Inc.
  • Saved cards in your account are saved in PayPal Braintree Vault and not within Blue Wave Printing & Display's databases. 


  • We use Google Analytics to track metrics


By using the site you understand how we use your information.